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London Trip 19/09/16

On the 19th of September 2016, we took a trip down to London. We started of by visiting the National Portrait Museum, where we had a look around at some of the work and got some ideas of techniques to use in the future. Some of us waited at the bottom of Nelsons Column whilst others on the trip where finishing of looking around the Museum, and saw some great views and took a few pics. We then had a wonder down Southbank and took some more photos, which several of the images below are taken at. After we got some food and a little break, we headed to the Tate Modern Museum, and got even more inspiration  and ideas, some things on display where peculiar but in a good way, they where very fascinating. Around an hour was spent in the Tate Modern, then we made our way home.


First Blog Post 14/09/16

Welcome to my blog. My name is Poppy and I have just started a Level 3 UAL Photography course. In this blog I will share with you some material throughout the two year course. The images you will see here have been taken for the purposes of the course. So far we have learnt about the various composition techniques, depth of field, and have used lightroom to edit some of the images we have taken to improve them in certain ways.

Some of the images below were taken in campus grounds.

We had a summer task in which we had to visit a place of significance to us and document it in various ways. I chose to go to London as it it a place I love to be in and visit several times a year. This image was taken in Baker Street.


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